Living Anatomy Workshop

Keeping with Peak Pilates educational values of quality integrated education, the Living Anatomy Workshop is designed in a unique threefold format that makes the body come alive. This modular, time-efficient, cost-effective series meets the time constraints of busy instructors. Designed with progressive education in mind, the first series covers the feet and lower leg and progresses up the body to the head and neck in the last series. While each series may stand alone it is highly recommended to matriculate through all six series.

Each day begins with four hours of building specific muscle groups with the Zahourek Systems', Anatomy in Clay™. The second day spends two hours investigating these muscles on cadavers that have been expertly dissected to view fascia and muscle layers. The next day spends four hours discussing common movement problems and maladies related to these muscles as well as learning exercises that help facilitate optimal functionality.

The Living Anatomy Workshop is intended for all health and wellness professionals including but not limited to: massage therapists, chiropractors, Pilates’ teachers and other fitness professionals desiring to improve and deepen their anatomy outlook. Offered exclusively through Peak Pilates, the Living Anatomy Workshop is the most talked about continuing education course available for professionals today.

Series Date Muscles Studied
Series I January 2009
Friday 23rd–Saturday 24th
Foot and Ankle muscles studied include; Dorsi Flexors, Plantar Flexors, Inverters and Everters of the ankle, Foot abductors and flexors.
Series II February 2009
Friday 27th–Saturday 28th
Hip and Knee muscles studied include; Hip Flexors, Abbuctors and Adductors of the Hip, outward and inward rotator and knee extenders and flexors
Series III March 2009
Friday 27th–Saturday 28th
Trunk muscles studied include; flexors and rotators of the spine, trunk stabilizer, quadratus lumborum, diaphragm and select pelvic floor muscles.
Series IV April 2009
Friday 24th–Saturday 25th
Shoulder Girdle muscles studied include; Muscles from the scapula to the humerus (rotator cuff), Trunk-Scapula and trunk to the humerus. Elevators, adductors, abductors, downward rotators and upward rotators of the scapula.
Series V May 2009
Friday 22nd–Saturday 23rd
Arm and hand muscles studied include; Flexors and extenders of the humerus, abductors, adductors, inward and outward rotators of the humerus (some muscles built in previous series). Elbow flexors and extenders, wrist flexors and extenders and some wrist abductors and adductors.
Series VI June 2009
Friday 26th–Saturday 27th
Muscles of the Head and Neck studied include: Extensors and flexors of the Head and Neck, Elevators of the scapula and select facial and head muscles.

Important Note: Crossover between muscles groups can be expected between series and therefore not all muscles will be re-built or dissected each time. Subject matter may change slightly per course indications, in some cases intrinsic muscles may be excluded but shown on a skeleton instead.

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The Zahourek Systems, Anatomy in Clay sections are taught by Ken Morgareidge, Phd, designated KA2 (Kinesthetic Anatomist) instructor, and Michelle Howard, Associate Faculty Member at the distinguished Boulder College of Massage Therapy in Boulder, Colorado. Cadaver labs are facilitated by Todd Garcia, Master Dissector, teacher and owner of Laboratories of Anatomical Enlightment, Inc. Practical studio sessions taught by Master Trainer, Senior Development Director and Living Anatomy Workshop developer, Colleen Glenn.

Ken Morgareidge
Ken is a PhD and KA2 instructor. His doctorate is in Anatomy and Physiology from UCLA. As a researcher at the Scripps Institute of Oceanography, Ken studied comparative vertebrate physiology. He joined the Boulder College of Massage Therapy (BCMT) faculty in 1975 and was recognized as the National Teacher of the Year by the American Massage Therapy Association in 1993. Since 1995 Ken has served as senior faculty in Zahourek Systems'™ "Kinesthetic Anatomy" Program and edited Zahourek's Myologik series of Atlases of Human Anatomy in Clay.

Todd Garcia
Todd is a master dissector, teacher, and owner of Laboratories of Anatomical Enlightenment, Inc. Students from around the globe attend classes at Laboratories of Anatomical Enlightenment, Inc. to further their understanding of human anatomy. Todd Garcia's past is an active one He has taught anatomy classes at some of the most well known universities in America, and continues to teach in Vienna, Austria at the Anatomical Institute of Vienna. Todd dissects and teaches with the understanding that human anatomy is a mystery, still waiting to be understood and experienced moment by moment in daily life. This outlook allows total freedom while preparing for classes, teaching classes, and having open discussions with students during classes. It is a luxury to study anatomy in this kind of a setting. This is where new ideas are welcome and developed. Todd has been and is currently involved in the production of human anatomy textbooks, and DVDs making a contribution to the understanding of the human form.

Michelle Howard
Michelle is an associate faculty member at the distinguished Boulder College of Massage Therapy in Boulder, Colorado, where she teaches kinesthetic anatomy in both the basic and advanced studies programs, using the Zahourek System. Michelle’s first serious study of human anatomy began as a fine arts student at the University of Northern Colorado. Eventually, this led her to a career in the healing arts. She is currently a nationally certified massage therapist with over ten years experience helping people understand and befriend their bodies.In addition, Michelle mentored with Dr. Kenneth R. Morgareidge and Mr. Jon Zahourek learning the Zoologik Maniken System and its use in the classroom setting. She teaches part-time for Zahourek Systems, Inc. as well as at the Anatomy in Clay Center of Boulder.


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Anatomy in Clay™ Centers
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Equipment used in the Series:

The Maniken® Professional series model is used in the Anatomy in Clay portion. There is a $75 discount offered if purchased two weeks in advance of the course.

Please contact Myles Crane at Zahourek Systems, (800)-950-5025 or

Peak Pilates' quality equipment is utilized during the practical studio lab and client programming options discussed. Equipment utilized includes; foot corrector, reformer, cadillac, chairs, ped-o-pul and barrels and mat. Student discounts honored for participants in Living Anatomy Series. Call (800)-925-3674 or e-mail us for more information.

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