An astounding feat of engineering, the PeakPilateSystem® (PPS) is widely considered best-in-class.

The only multi-use foldable and portable Pilates piece in the industry, requires only 30lbs. of effort to be easily folded by just one person. There are no removable parts, and the units store in just ¼ of the space as stackable reformers.

The Deluxe model combines the Reformer, Cadillac and Mat and is equipped with every available feature at no extra charge, including twin mat system, long/short box, jumpboard and more. There is absolutely nothing else to add.


Save by Purchasing Equipment and Education Together

Peak Pilates® equipment and education packages offer you the most cost-effective way to add small group equipment classes to your schedule, creating a fun, affordable experience for clients, and a source of new profit for you. The Peak PilateSystem® (PPS) Education Series is a multi-level certification program that provides integrated and systematic instruction on the Mat, Reformer and Cadillac. As you learn the sequencing critical to delivering the System effectively in our three-part progressive format, you benefit from Peak Pilates® Formula for Success—the proprietary mentoring/training model that heightens your confidence and capability as an instructor. All three levels are sufficiently structured for the new teacher, yet rich enough for the experienced trainer.

To learn more, contact a Peak Pilates® Sales Representative at 800.925.3674.

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