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Peak Pilates® offers a wide variety of the highest quality reformers, each designed to suit a specific need. Whether you are looking for a handcrafted wood or bamboo reformer built to Joseph Pilates’ original specifications or a sleek, anodized aluminum portable unit suitable for a multi-use space, look no further. Crafted using uncompromising materials and methods from the selection of the finest American hardwoods to the covering of upholstery staples in places that can’t even be seen, we believe little things make a big difference. Our unique balance of tradition and innovation is what sets us apart and many instructors say they can actually "feel the difference" during—and after—their workouts, which simply proves that when you put more in, you get more out.

Combination Systems

Peak Pilates® Combination Systems give you more options without more square footage. Using our classic foundation, we have pioneered the development of multi-use machines, which stand alone in their innovative design, flawless engineering and ease of transition between exercise modes. Combining the reformer, tower and mat, these units offer exceptional versatility and value, complete with Peak Pilates exclusives including our quick conversion hinged carriage with no removable parts and twin mat system for ease of use and storage.

Leather or Ropes?

Leather straps are traditional. The classical method of Pilates is a “flow style” workout, linked through a series of movements and transitions which work best with leather straps and swivel handles, requiring little or no adjustment. Ropes and adjustable risers have a greater range of motion and offer the ability to adjust the angle for physical therapy and sports performance training.


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Customer Service Message

Customer Service will be open 6am to 3pm on Friday 10/28.

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