Spinning® Instructor Certification Renewal/ Recertification Options

To renew your Spinning® instructor certification you need a total of 14 SPIN® CECs every two years.

Keep your Spinning instructor certification current by selecting the option that suits your current SPIN® CECs status:

1. Need a few points? Click here to view and select a continuing education course or take a newsletter quiz to earn points. Once you earn 14 SPIN® CECs and renew your membership, your renewal date will be set to expire 2 years from your current expiration date and you will receive the updated card in the mail.

2. To recertify, click here to earn all the points you need for certification renewal. Your expiration date will expire 2 years from the date you pass the exam and you will receive a new card in the mail.

Become a SPIN® member and your renewal fee is waived! Click here for more details

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