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CrossCore® Rotational Bodyweight Training System™ Club Pack - 6

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CrossCore® is a leader in Functional Training. Our signature products and training use Cross integration of Core Movements essential to improving performance in life. For a better life.

Why choose CrossCore®? CrossCore® is one of the only products of its kind in the industry to be accredited through premier education providers such as NASM, ISSA and NESTA, CrossCore® Rotational Bodyweight Trainers offer a unique new approach to bodyweight training products and education while providing club owners with very attractive revenue generating options.

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Turn Your Game Around® with CrossCore180®
Patent No. 8,152,704 - Worldwide Trademarks Apply


  • (6) CrossCore180® Kits w/Basic Training Manual and DVD
  • (1) Shipping within the lower 48-states
  • Call for special club pricing.

CrossCore180® Advantages:

  • The Patented Magnetic Pin can be inserted to stop the rotation of the pulley wheel when stable movements are needed. When rotational moves are desired the pin can be removed and conveniently stored at the top of the pulley housing.
  • Removing the magnetic pin to allow the pulley wheel to rotate freely also enables CrossCore® to act as a pulley machine by attaching a counterweight, such as a kettlebell, dumbbell or sandbag, to one end. Using two counterweighted CrossCore® units spaced eight feet apart makes for one of the smoothest cable crossovers on the market.
  • Handles clip in at the top of the CrossCore180® for exercises where the pulley is not needed and handles need to be higher off the ground (such as knee raises and pull ups)
  • Self leveling handles. No more readjusting the height of your handles in the middle of your workout. The CrossCore180's Patented pulley system makes this obsolete.
  • Foot cradle padding pads the feet and arms when performing certain exercises like knee raises and hamstring curls. These cradles open and close for a snug fit on the hands and feet so the user wont slip out while exercising.
  • Handles are interchangeable with other cable attachments such as ankle straps, D handles, rope attachments and more.
  • Rope length can quickly and safely be shortened to any length to add versatility to your exercise routine. Adjustment is only needed on one side! Click here to view video on Rope Adjustment Instructions.
  • Resistance for most exercises can be increased or decreased in "micro increments" simply by moving the feet forward or backward.
  • The built in Door Anchor is included FREE and is always attached to the anchor strap and ready to use at any time. PVC coated so it will not scratch.
  • Optional Ceiling/Wall Anchor allows user to create an anchor point for the strap when one is not already available. (see instructions for mounting info BEFORE installing)
  • Take it with you! Your CrossCore180® can go with you to the park, to the gym, on vacation or wherever you'd like to go for a change of pace and it all fits into a convenient carry bag. If you are in the military, the CrossCore180® replaces all the concrete blocks, bales of wire and other crude objects you may have had to resort to for a workout in the past.
  • Now on GSA contract GS-07F-0104M. For bulk or GSA orders please call 1-800-288-3047 or email
  • Compare the CrossCore180® to other trainers by clicking here
  • Before, using any CrossCore® product make sure to read this Disclaimer, Warranty, Safety Procedures and Instruction sheet.

Perfect For:

  • Anyone on a budget that needs a total body workout that takes up very little space.
  • The beginner. Don't be intimidated by the name. The CrossCore180® also has a gentle side for those who need it. Because you use your own bodyweight, adjusting the resistance on most exercises is as simple as moving your feet backward or forward. You are able to start with little to no resistance and increase in "micro increments" at your own pace.
  • Rehabilitation patients. Since the CrossCore180® allows for little or no resistance on many exercises, it may be just what the doctor ordered to get you up and just simply moving around until more resistance via your body weight can eventually come into play. The CrossCore180® is also a great stretching tool.
  • Persons with disabilities. If you use a wheelchair, the CrossCore180® may be the affordable and space efficient way for you to start strengthening that upper body again. Many simple exercises can be performed right from a wheelchair. The adjustable strap and portability makes this a very wheelchair friendly solution. Counter weights and resistance bands can be attached to one side giving you endless possibilities and capabilities.
  • Outdoor training enthusiasts. Strap the CrossCore180® to any sturdy point of attachment such as a pole, beam, tree branch or any place you desire.
  • Sports related training of all kinds. The CrossCore180® is non sport specific and will make you more flexible, stronger and will greatly improve balance and core strength. If you want to excel in what you do, the CrossCore180 can greatly help you break through your plateaus.
  • Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard and Special Ops. The CrossCore180® is rugged, light weight, compact and an extremely effective tool for the entire body that only requires the users body weight. It is made with only top quality and extremely strong components. Overall weight capacity is approx. 1,000 lbs.
  • Group Training Facilities. The CrossCore180 can be set up quickly to use in any mobile or permanent group training facility.
  • High Schools and Colleges. The CrossCore180 will teach your students the importance of using proper form while working out, flexibility and the importance of a strong core. Since only body weight is used, the CrossCore180 is a very safe supplement or alternative to traditional weightlifting programs. The CrossCore180 is currently being used by the entire coaching staff at UCLA and has received rave reviews from them and their students. It has now become a very important implementation into their training routines.

Door Anchor (included) 

  • Door anchor is permanently attached to your CrossCore180® strap so you'll always be ready for any situation.
  • Steel anchor is dipped in PVC so it won't scratch.
  • Easy to use.
  • Always read the included Door Anchor instructions BEFORE using.

Kettlebell/Dumbbell/Ring Straps (sold separately) ORDER NOW

  • Can be used to attach a Kettlebell or dumbbell on one side of your War Machine® or CrossCore180® for exercise routines using a counterweight.
  • Can also be used for connecting gymnastics rings in place of handles.
  • Includes one pair of Kettlebell/Ring straps only. Kettlebells, Dumbbells and Rings not included in this purchase.
  • Limited One Year Warranty

Resistance Strap (not included)

  • Can be attached to one end of your CrossCore180® when resistance other than bodyweight is desired.

Ceiling/Wall Anchor (sold separately) ORDER NOW

  • Great for creating an anchor point from a ceiling beam or wall beam when nothing else is available.
  • Base is made from 3/4" steel plate and measures 4" x 5.5".
  • Includes four bolt holes for better versatility when mounting.
  • Includes (2) 3/8" x 3.5" lag screws and (2 washers). Use for wood only.
  • Always read the included Ceiling/Wall Anchor instructions BEFORE using. Professional installation recommended.

Gymnastics Rings (sold separately) ORDER NOW

  • Gymnastics rings can be used to add rotation to classic ring exercises such as dips, presses and muscle-ups.
  • Rings attach easily to your War Machine® or CrossCore180® via the Ring Straps.
  • These plastic rings are heavy duty and have a break strength of 4,500 lbs. per ring.
  • Diameter is 8 which is the same diameter as gymnastics regulation rings.
  • Includes one pair of Gymnastics Rings only. Kettlebells and dumbbells not included in this purchase.
  • Limited One Year Warranty

Before using any CrossCore product make sure to read this Disclaimer, Warranty, Safety Procedures and Instruction sheet.

CrossCore® Heavy-Duty Specs:

  • Commercial "Heavy-Duty" Construction
  • Climbing rope rated to hold up to 1,200 lbs.
  • Heavy-Duty climbing carabiners are rated to hold up to 5,000 lbs.
  • Adjustable cam buckle strap is rated to hold up to 1,800 lbs.
  • Handle webbing is rated to hold up to 2,100 lbs.
  • Pulley wheel includes high quality sealed bearings for long lasting smooth rotation
  • Fully powder coated pulley housing.

Do you ship Internationally or to an APO?
Yes! International shipping upcharges per unit are below. There are NO upcharges to ship to an APO.
War Machine®/CrossCore180® $60.00
DVD $9.00
Door Anchor $9.00
Kettlebell Straps $9.00
Rings $35.00

Since our shopping cart does not automatically include these additional International shipping fees, they will be charged separately after your order is processed.
To save on large bulk orders, please contact us for assistance. Approximate delivery time is 6-10 business days. Customer is responsible for any additional taxes/duties, etc. Important - Please check our Dealers Page BEFORE you order to make sure there is not a dealer in your area first. CrossCore cannot ship to a country outside the US where we have an exclusive dealer.
*Your APO/FPO order is welcome here and will not incur an upcharge.

What maintenance is required for the CrossCore180® and War Machine®?
Like any other home or commercial fitness equipment, the owner or user should perform the following inspections before each use and always revert to the owners manual:

  • Read and understand owners manual (first time use)
  • Inspect all webbing for wear (anchor strap and handles). If webbing shows signs of wear, fraying, cuts, etc., replace it immediately.
  • Inspect rope for wear. If rope shows signs of wear, fraying, cuts, etc. do not use and replace immediately.
  • Inspect handles for wear and make sure they are in good working condition and not worn.
  • Make sure pulley bolt is always completely tightened.
  • Make sure lanyard hitch or figure eight knots are always present on carabiners or steel oval rings.
  • Make sure plastic rope anchors are always fully tightened, secure and not broken.
  • Do not leave CrossCore180®, War Machine® or any of their components outside in the elements as this can accelerate wear.
  • For replacement parts (under warranty or not) please call 1-800-288-3047 (727) or email

Daily inspection and maintenance is the sole responsibility of the owner and user. Each CrossCore® product is made with quality components and will perform in a safe manner if product is used correctly as shown in the owners manual.


What is the difference between the CrossCore180® and War Machine®?
The CrossCore180® is marketed to trainers, clubs, schools, rehab facilities, etc. while War Machine® is marketed to the more hard core crowd such as military, MMA and action sports. Both provide the same Rotational Bodyweight Training capabilities but with a slightly different look. Each include the same basic training manual and DVD.


Why does your product cost more than bodyweight training "straps"?
Because were much more than just "straps"! Not only in functionality but in construction, as well. Both the War Machine® and CrossCore180® are a commercial grade product that can be introduced to any training environment. Our pulley housings are fully powder coated (not painted) for long lasting durability and rust resistance. The pulley wheel features sealed bearings to keep out dirt and grime for continually smooth rotation and our overall weight rating is approx. 1,000 lbs. Our mission was not to provide you with the cheapest product. It was to provide you with the best product. Compare CrossCores construction and functionality to the competition and the choice is easy.



How much space is required to use the War Machine® or CrossCore180®?
You only need a space that is approximately 6' wide by 8' in length when using your Rotational Bodyweight Trainer.


How high must my anchor point be to use the War Machine® or CrossCore180®?
Your anchor point can be as low as 7' and as high as 11' to safely attach the anchor strap.


Where can I attach the War Machine® or CrossCore180®?
You can attach the anchor strap to any safe anchor point that will easily hold your body weight. A few examples are a pull-up bar, squat rack, beam, tree branch and door.


Is the War Machine® and CrossCore180® for advanced users only?
No! Since the user determines the amount of resistance by the angle of their body, the user can begin each exercise with little or no angle until a comfortable amount of resistance is found that will allow them to use proper form. The pin can also be engaged to stop the pulley wheel from turning which makes for a much more stable workout.


Is it recommended to use the Locked-N-Loaded feature when I first begin using the War Machine® or CrossCore180®?
Yes! The Locked-N-Loaded feature has many uses, but one of them is to help stabilize the users body while exercising until they become familiar with either product. Once the user has determined the proper body angle for different exercises and is comfortable using the War Machine® or CrossCore180®, only then should they remove the Locked-N-Loaded feature by removing the magnetic pin that is used to lock the pulley wheel in place. Once the pin is removed this is referred to as Open Mode and the pulley will turn freely allowing the user to perform advanced exercises. DO NOT saw the rope back and forth on the pulley while the pin is engaged and the pulley wheel is stopped. This can cause damage to the unit.


Why does the rope slide when the pin is engaged in Locked-N-Loaded mode?
From the beginning, CrossCores mission was to create something truly innovational in bodyweight training gear; not just another strap type product. Straps do not rotate and move with your bodys natural movement like CrossCore® so straps will never identify your dominant side if you have one. In fact, your dominant side will continue to feed off this lack of imbalance by not providing rotation. CrossCores philosophy is to provide just enough stability when the pin is engaged to allow the user to be stabilized but to give feedback by allowing the rope to slip just enough when too much pressure is placed on just one side. This feedback keeps the mind and body more in tune to what each is doing and also draws in the core more than straps because of the existing instability.


Are the War Machine® and CrossCore180® strong enough to support even the heaviest of users?
Yes! Both products are a commercial grade tool that are made with only the highest quality components. The total weight rating of the War Machine® and CrossCore180® is approximately 1,000 lbs.
*Always make sure that your anchor point can support your weight before you exercise.


Are the War Machine® and CrossCore180® handles attached to cable or rope?
Rope! Cable would be much too rigid and would severely limit the functionality of both products. The heavy-duty climbing rope we use is rated at 2,200 lbs., is soft against the skin and very easy to store in the canvas carrying bag.


Are the War Machine® and CrossCore180® a One Size Fits All product?

Yes! Both are designed to accommodate any size user, no matter where you use them.


Can the War Machine® and CrossCore180® accommodate any other attachments besides the handles?
Yes! The War Machine® and CrossCore180® Rotational Bodyweight Trainers are the most versatile training tools in the world. Here is a list of just some of the additional attachments that can be used:
For Body Weight Training - Grapple Grips, gymnastics rings, rope attachments, different types of handles, body training bars and more.
For Counter Weight Training - Resistance bands of all strengths and sizes (such as Stroops Slastix bands), kettlebells, dumbbells, barbell plates and many other objects that can be safely attached via the optional strap attachment.
*Read the War Machine/CrossCore180 "Safety Procedure Checklist" thoroughly before using it with or without counter weights.


Is the War Machine® and the CrossCore180® capable of working every muscle in the body?
Yes! If used correctly, the user is able to achieve a deep burn for any muscle desired. Youll be sore in places you didnt realize you had muscles!


Is the War Machine® and CrossCore180® a good choice for people that use a wheelchair or have certain disabilities?
Yes! Imagine having an exercise tool that fits into a small bag, weighs only 5 lbs., can be taken with you wherever you go, attaches to almost any object that safely holds the users body weight, is easily adjusted to the users height, and allows a wheelchair to be rolled right up underneath it.The resistance provided can go far beyond just that of the users own body weight by connecting an array of attachments such as kettlebells, dumbbells, resistance bands or other counter weights. Never before has a single piece of exercise equipment provided so much versatility and ease of use to those who use wheelchairs or have other disabilities. Best of all both products can be used right from the comfort and privacy of your own home.


When you PULL THE PIN where is it stored?
When its time to PULL THE PIN, storage is very easy thanks to its magnetic head. Simply insert the pin in one of the carabiner openings at the top of the pulley housing while the pulley is in use. DO NOT let the pin hang free while pulley is in use. Always store the pin in one of the carabiner openings.


Whats with the name War Machine®?
If you're P.C. and "proud to be" that's ok, but take a deep breath. Early on in the developmental stages of our product a few of our guys in the Military and MMA thought it to be so effective some of them referred to it as being a "War Machine" for the body. Who are we to argue? We like it! For schools, clubs, rehabilitation facilities and more, we offer the CrossCore180®.


(Shipping included within the lower 48 states only)

  • Model Number: 4100-CC-180-6
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