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Home Study: Resist-A-Ball® Essentials

Home Study: Resist-A-Ball® Essentials (Ball) (1 pcs)
Home Study: Resist-A-Ball Essentials Course (1 pcs)
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The Resist-A-Ball® Essentials Home Study is a great way to learn the foundational Resist-A-Ball exercises at your own pace. Enhance your group fitness classes, one-on-one training or small group programming with this light-weight, portable and easy to use exercise tool. The course covers the foundational strength and flexibility exercises recommended to begin a Resist-A-Ball program, general guidelines, benefits and programming applications using the Resist-A-Ball stability ball.   

Each course comes with:

  • • a digital, full color manual with pictures and descriptions for each exercise (downloadable from your instructor account)
  • • a Resist-A-Ball® stability ball of your choice
  • • an online exam that is accessible from your instructor account.

After successfully passing the course you will receive 4 Peak Pilates® and/or 4 SPIN® continuing education credits (automatically updated once you pass the exam).

Pre-requisites: this course is recommended for fitness professionals who hold at least one of the following: a current, primary certification in group fitness, personal training, yoga, Pilates or an equivalent.

As always, SPIN® members receive 15% off of continuing education.


Selecting the Right Ball
In general, when seated on the ball, the knees should be even with or slightly above the hips.

Here are general guidelines for ball sizes based on user height:
55 cm. ........................5’ to 5’7”
65 cm. ........................5’8” to 6’1”
75 cm. ........................over 6’1”

The Pro series is burst resistant up to 1000 lbs; the standard ball is burst resistant up to 500 lbs. 

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