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Peak Pilates Newsletter Quiz, April 2015



  • Peak Pilates Newsletter Quiz, April 2015
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Basic Pilates Considerations for Spinal Stenosis
Updated by Scott Lucett, M.S.
Director of Education, Mad Dogg Athletics

In our practice we often have clients that come to us suffering from various painful conditions at the recommendation of others. Research has demonstrated that the Pilates Method has been a substantial contributor to creating a pain-free movement experience for those that haven’t been pain free in years (Patti, et al., 2015).
As a Pilates instructor, your first job is to learn about your client’s condition and make intelligent decisions on exercise choices. Because pain is so different for each and every person, it’s imperative that instructors have a clear understanding of movement patterns that cause pain. One such condition is low back pain cause by spinal stenosis. This article will provide a brief description of the condition, how one can develop spinal stenosis, and different exercise options to make exercises more comfortable to perform.

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