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Pilatesstick Intro DVD

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Welcome to Pilatesstick®s Introductory DVD. In this introductory DVD led by Romana's Pilates certified instructor Susannah Cotrone, you will find a basic workout carefully designed for beginners to follow. This DVD is also designed for those familiar to the Pilates mat that may be new to Pilates apparatus work. From the Role Up to the One-legged teaser, this DVD covers all the basics and more. Our intro DVD is also effective for more knowledgeable Pilates practitioners that are simply new to the Pilatesstick. This introductory DVD also includes detailed instruction on how to set up and start using your Pilatesstick right away! Generally included with the purchase of a Pilatesstick, this is the gateway DVD guiding you to creating your own Pilates studio at home, at work, or on the go!

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