Petition Points

In addition to the SPIN® CECs you earn through Spinning® workshops, home studies and online courses, you can petition for credit from other education as long as the topics directly relate to your role as a certified Spinning instructor (e.g., exercise science, biomechanics, heart rate training), and the course was taught by a qualified presenter. For each two-year certification period, you may receive no more than 6 SPIN® CECs through petition. There is payment of $9.95 per petition.

In addition, please send us the following:

Please fax the following paperwork to 310.823.7408, Attn: STAR Point Petition, or you may e-mail it to

  • a. Certificate of completion.
  • b. Course outline, indicating the amount of time spent in each subject.
  • c. A brief summary stating how this course will help you become a better Spinning instructor. Course Topics accepted by petition include but are not limited to the following: sport psychology, physiology, kinesiology, biomechanics, heart rate training, anatomy, university level health sciences, nationally recognized personal training certification, National Cycling Association Courses, National Coaching Association/Federation.
  • d. A completed petition form, including payment information.

Please download a SPIN® CECs Petition Form and follow the instructions for submission. We will notify you within 2-3 weeks whether or not your petition has been approved for SPIN® CECs.

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