Peak PilateSystem® Level-I DVD

Peak PilateSystem® Level-I DVD

Previously available only to students of the Peak Pilates Education Programs, these DVD\'s are now available to the public. Extremely comprehensive and designed for teachers, they explore in-depth how to execute and teach the classic Pilates method.

The PPS-I DVD is a companion to the PPS-I course and manual, reviewing in-depth the introductory and beginner systems for the mat, reformer and Cadillac. You will learn and understand how to execute the exercises and teach the classical form of Pilates, in a clear and concise manner. Pilates will be de-mystified for you through the use of our 5 Part Formula for Success. This proprietary formula is an extremely powerful tool to help you develop your full potential as a Pilates Instructor. It provides a framework to guide you in your teaching and to help you identify and address weak areas in your instruction.

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