Studio Success Stories

See How Other Facilities Are Finding Success Through Peak Pilates®

Life Time Fitness

"Our Pilates program has reported a 158% growth, nearly doubling overall profits and far exceeding all orginial expectations of the program." 
- Eduardo Perez

The Challenge

Life Time Fitness contacted Peak Pilates after encountering problems with inconsistent instructor training and a need for a structured career pathway for their staff. Originally, Life Time Fitness began its Pilates program by employing instructors from a variety of training backgrounds and levels. It soon became evident that not only the classes but the instructors themselves were delivering an inconsistent member experience. This in turn led to poor membership retention, as well as constant instructor turnover.

The Solution

Eduardo Perez, National Director of Mind/Body Programs at Life Time Fitness, chose to implement the Peak PilateSystem® (PPS) Instructor Training series, a high quality, scalable and progressive three-part program that builds to a Professional Certification. This provides Life Time's instructors a defined career path as well as a set compensation structure. Since implementing a consistent Pilates program with Peak Pilates as their partner, Perez states that the Pilates program has reported a 158% growth, nearly doubling overall profits and far exceeding all original expectations of the program. Life Time Fitness currently offers instruction on the Peak Pilates Total Workout System®. This combination allows them to offer both private and group instruction on the mat, reformer and tower (which is ideal within a high-traffic health club setting). By offering fee-based classes, private lessons and pre-priced packages, Perez forecasts that Life Time's membership retention and Pilates participation will continue to exceed previous goals.

Peak Pilates' approach to professional development within the PPS Program has allowed Life Time's instructors to become empowered and learn the importance of marketing and networking to new and existing club members. Perez believes that Peak Pilates' instructor support and quality training has aided Life Time Fitness in developing a progressive and successful Pilates program. "It doesn't matter how many signs or posters you put up, it all comes down to the level of accountability and training [of your instructors] that can prove how successful a new program will be," he said. Since the inception of the relationship, Peak Pilates equipment and comprehensively-trained instructors are now standard at 44 of Life Time's 71 locations throughout the U.S.

Greenwood Athletic Club

"Peak Pilates is the 'Lexus' of Pilates equipment and education."
- Sara Talbert

The Challenge

Greenwood Athletic and Tennis Club, located in Greenwood Village, Colorado was one of the first athletic clubs in the country to offer Pilates. Because of this, Greenwood had not only the challenge—but ultimately the privilege—of promoting Pilates as a viable form of exercise. Prior to Greenwood's partnership with Peak Pilates, many of the club's fitness programs exhibited an often confusing experience for class participants—inconsistent instructor training. To successfully overcome this, Greenwood needed to partner with an educational provider that would offer a consistent training experience for each of Greenwood's Pilates instuctors

The Solution

Since Greenwood's inception in 1997, the practice of Pilates has skyrocketed. Sara Talbert, Greenwood's Director of Pilates, has witnessed this first-hand. "Our members requested it. They love it!" she said. "We offer complimentary mat classes with membership and fee-based programming within the studio. We have a fully-equipped studio with Peak Pilates equipment. We teach reformer, combo, chair and mat classes, and offer duo, trio and quad lessons, as well as private sessions." Because Greenwood's Pilates instructors are all trained under the Peak Pilate System, a multi-level certification program that provides integrated and systematic instruction on the mat, reformer and Cadillac, Talbert openly credits Peak Pilates for her successful Pilates program. "Peak Pilates is the 'Lexus' of Pilates equipment and education," she said.

Talbert and staff received their regional training from Peak Pilates Master Trainer Colleen Glenn. "Greenwood's Pilates program offers a great assortment of classes accompanied by superior instruction," said Glenn. Talbert, also an instructor, has recently opened Pilates up to special population groups who might not normally think of practicing Pilates. "In my mind, Pilates is about correcting the body in front of you and individualizing the session to the group you are teaching," she said. "For example, I am currently teaching 'Pilates for Athletes.' We also offer 'Pilates for Osteoporosis,' 'Pilates for Better Posture' and 'Prenatal Pilates.'" Now at over 3,400 members, Greenwood Athletic Club considers Pilates one of their largest—and most profitable—programs.

Pura Vida

"We wanted the best Pilates equipment with the best established reputation."
- Heather Bahlmann

The Challenge

Pura Vida, Denver's brand new premier fitness facility, has plenty of competition in their high-end Cherry Creek neighborhood. Because of this, the four-story gym and spa needed something different to set it apart from everyone else. Pura Vida needed to combine fitness and wellness together in a single one-stop package.

The Solution

Pura Vida's focus on health and wellness needed to not only come from the traditional values of exercise offered by any fitness facility, but also from teaching members the importance of learning to connect to their body and mind. "We wanted to offer plenty of options in the fitness realm, wellness being one of the most important. However, we really wanted to take it up a notch," said Heather Bahlmann, Pura Vida's Fitness Director. Bahlmann and her staff decided that a dedicated Pilates studio could serve as a direct source in the development. "We wanted the best Pilates equipment with the best established reputation," she said of Pura Vida's wood studio line from Peak Pilates. "Our Pilates staff comes from a more classically trained background, so Peak Pilates was the obvious choice."

With a specially-designed 1200 square foot dedicated Pilates studio that allows for fee-based classes and private sessions to take place simultaneously, Pura Vida can actually increase their profit margin by better accommodating their member's schedules. "In order to accommodate our members and guests as efficiently as possible," said Bahlmann, "we based our entire equipment order on this opportunity. We felt that we wanted to maintain the "semi-private" environment for our reformer classes—and only host six participants per one instructor—therefore, leaving access to one additional reformer and Cadillac for private sessions as well. Hosting these sessions simultaneously allows for exposure to other opportunities for individuals that would typically enroll in private-only sessions."

While Pura Vida has only been open a few months, Pilates has quickly become one of the facility’s main selling points. "So many people are curious as to what Pilates actually is," she said, "but once they try it and discover its benefits, they're hooked!" Pura Vida's Member Wellness Advisor Dr. Kathleen Reixach is also on hand to stress the benefits of Pilates. Reixach, who meets with each new member for an initial health screening, says she is very confident whenever she recommends that someone practice Pilates. "It's pretty rare to see someone that doesn't need some sort of balance," she said. "Whether it be posture, core, balance or symmetry, Pilates is something anyone can benefit from."