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Classic Reformer

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Our Classic Reformer is built true to Joseph Pilates' exacting specifications that remain unchallenged for efficiency and results. The secret is in the critical dimensions that result in experienced instructors saying they can "feel the difference." Crafted using uncompromising materials and methods and integrating Peak Pilates innovations such as our wraparound foot bar cover, this is the heart and soul of many classical Pilates studios.


Reformer includes:

Solid premium oak frame and legs
Three-position headrest
Three-position gear system
Quick-conversion, ultra-guide hinged carriage
Four-spring system
  - Standard with one red (heavy), two yellow (medium) and one blue (light)
Standard long/short box
  - 9 ½” H x 16” W x 27” L (24cm x 41 cm x 70 cm)
Gear block


This item typically requires a 2 – 3 week lead time. Call (1) 800.925.3674 or e-mail for more information or a quote.

Note: Peak Pilates does not accept returns for large equipment


16in H x 26 1/2in W x 90in L (41cm x 67cm x 229cm)

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Solid Hardwood Frame:

  • Peak Pilates is the only major manufacturer to offer premium solid oak standard on all reformer frames, plus a hardrock maple, natural bamboo or amber bamboo upgrade at an affordable price.
  • Every Peak Pilates frame receives our seven-step finishing process: three sandings and four coats of environmentally friendly, water-based lacquer.
  • We utilize mortise and tenon frame joinery, far superior to dowel pins or metal fasteners, resulting in equipment that's crafted like fine furniture and designed to last a lifetime.
  • Standard frame length is 90in L and can be customized to your exact needs. Call (1) 800.925.3674 to inquire.


  • We utilize premium Boltaflex® vinyl upholstery for superior abrasion resistance and easy cleaning.
  • Standard with black upholstery. Call (1) 800.925.3674 to order from a palette of 65 custom colors.

Exclusive Ultra-glide Tracking System:

  • Delivering the industry's smoothest, quietest and best aligned ride, our 8-wheel carriages have two bearings per wheel for reliable load handling capability. All bearings are sealed so that no lubrication is required for the life of the wheel.
  • The positioning of the horizontal tracking wheels are individually adjusted to match the carriage to its respective frame, eliminating free play.
  • Anodized aluminium tracks are used to inhibit the build-up of unsightly aluminium oxide residue and enhanced durability.
  • Five carriage stop positions are located at the end head of the frame to limit carriage travel.

Carriage Construction:

  • Our carriages are constructed from 13-ply Baltic birch with hardwood veneers throughout, creating a dimensionally stable platform resulting in enhanced performance ride quality.
  • Sculpted, contoured shoulder pads conform to the shoulders ensuring comfort, as well as full support for both reclining and standing positions.

Foot bar and Gear/Spring System:

  • Our durable, zinc plated springs with tapered ends and swivel hooks are made of the highest quality music wire. The Classic Reformer comes standard with leather straps and a four spring system: 1 light (blue), 2 medium (yellow), 1 heavy (red).
  • The classical design of our four position, anodized aluminum foot bar allows you to transition easily between exercises by simply kicking down the support bar. All foot bars come standard with our padded Deluxe Wraparound cover.

Peak Pilates Lifetime Warranty:

We are so certain of the durability of our equipment that we are pleased to offer a Lifetime Warranty on all studio equipment.

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