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    Peak Casa

    Posted by Erin Driskill on Oct 11th 2023

    This reformer is fine. I wish I had done more research though. I don’t love the ropes (instead of leathers), I have a very hard time getting them even. The pegs to store the loops also loosen and I have not figured out a way to tighten them.

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    Casa Reformer

    Posted by Beth on Aug 29th 2023

    I have had the Casa reformer for about two years now. Overall I have had a good experience. There are three concerns that I have: - the bumper starts to come out during my workouts and I constantly have to check that it is all the way pushed in - the footbar doesn't lock in place and has at times popped out of its resting position - the risers squeak loudly when I am using the ropes. when I called and emailed to address this issue I was never able to get ahold of customer service. Other than that, the machine is well made and though I use the Casa at least three times a week, it it is still like new.

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    Fantastic studio like reformer

    Posted by Niki on May 29th 2021

    The purchase I have ever made!

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    I love it -- but a few small issues

    Posted by Michael Murphy on Feb 9th 2021

    I've had this for four months now and use it on most days. I'm glad I upgraded to this from the mass market Pilates machines that I've used for nearly 20 years. It is generally a higher quality experience on this machine. It is much sturdier, the ride is smoother, and it makes much more of a statement in my exercise room. I have noticed a few issues, however--areas where there could be some improvement. The most noticeable was some squeaking from the rollers. I went back and forth with customer service for some time before we decided to try some silicone spray lubricant on the rails. This took care of the problem nicely. One of the nuts holding the pulley loosened up fairly early on. I decided to replace the bolts with longer ones from the hardware store. I reversed them so the end of the longer bolt wouldn't rub against the rope. Problem solved. I find that the hook on the springs are a little too hooked. You can't just release the tension and lift them off. You have to angle them up a bit. You get used to this, but the hook often catches on the bar and lifts it up. The bar is only held in place by gravity, so a few time it has become dislodged on one end without me noticing. Now, after every time I remove a spring, I push down and forward on the bar afterward to insure it is engaged. The forward stop for the carriage is also only held in place by gravity. A few times it has started to work its way out with use. It's easy to push it back in, but you do have to keep an eye on it. I am planning to wrap it with tape to make it tighter in the hole, but it would be better if they had made it with one of those spring loaded balls on the shaft so it would snap into place. Also, they only have a forward stop on one side. I'm wondering if this could eventually knock the wheel out of alignment. There should really be one on each side and would be better it they didn't bump against the wheels--a tab on the carriage would be better. Oddly, they do have two stop on the rear end, but you wouldn't ordinarily bump those ever. Very small complaint: the shoulder pad are square in profile unlike the round ones on my old machine. They are less comfortable, but not hugely so. I spent most of my time on the drawbacks, but on the whole I am very happy with this machine. It is a much nicer experience than with the entry level machines I've used for many years. It is generally very high quality and comes with a long/short box to match.

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    Casa Reformer

    Posted by Ewa Hyjek on Jan 10th 2021

    Absolutely love the Casa Reformer!!! It's lovely to have reformer at home available any time I want. I'm only sorry that I didn't get it earlier! The reformer has a very similar feel to the higher end Peak Pilates reformer that I used at the studio where I went before the pandemic. It's even the same height. It also has a very solid, sturdy feel. The accessories, i.e. the reformer box, the hand/foot straps, the springs and the little anti-slip pad are very high quality. I'm very happy that it came with a good reformer box, I can't get a good workout without using the box. The only thing I would change is to make the shoulder blocks removable as there some exercises that are easier without them. In the long run I even think it's going to save me some money. I used to go to the studio 5-6 times a week When it reopens I will probably go 2-3 times a week just to make sure that I maintain good form.

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    PIlates on your schedule

    Posted by Pamela on Dec 2nd 2020

    I purchased this reformer about a month a go.. And it has delivered.. Assembly requires 2 people.. But its the best at home machine. And allows me to finally do Pilates on my timetable.

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    I love it -- comparison with AeroPilates Premier

    Posted by Michael Murphy on Nov 10th 2020

    I obsessed about upgrading to the Casa for months. I really liked the look of it and it was quite a bit less $ than other upscale reformers. On the other hand I had a perfectly functional AeroPilates Premier (AP) that I have been using with good results for about six years. I also had one that I used for several years back around 2000 which I found worked very well. When the Casa went on sale I decided to go for it. I'm really happy I did, it is a great piece of equipment. I am a mechanically inclined person so plan to evaluate it from primarily that stand point. I also will compare it to the AP as I think others may be thinking of upgrading from a much cheaper Stamina machine. At about three times the cost the Casa had to be pretty good in order to justify me replacing a very functional machine. I asked myself, what justifies the triple price for a machine that dose pretty much the same thing. I'd say the answer is quality. I appreciate quality machines. If you look at all the individual components, it is easy to see that they are worth the extra cost. Let take a look at different aspects: RAILS: I always hated that virtually all AP machines have a joint in the rails for easier shipping. The Casa rail are massively larger and all one piece. This means it have to arrive on a pallet by truck and not by UPS. The machine is 11" longer. I always felt a bit cramped on the AP, but it was adequate (I'm 5' 10"). The AP has skinny steel rails that have to be supported in the center and tiny ball bearing rollers to match. The Casa's has stiff aluminum rails. Supposedly the roller surface is machined to make it dead true. You can't really tell because both machines are powder coated silver. Also, you only get about 6" extra travel for the 11" longer length. Still I'm glad to have it. The rollers are much larger and sturdier. I always thought the AP was smooth, but the Casa is like silk. PLATFORM: They are about the same size. The AP is softer and you sink into it. The Casa is very firm. I suspect that is better. The Casa has pegs hold the loops. I installed my own on the AP. The Casa is about 16" high. With the factory stand the AP is about the same, but I made my own stand out of wood that makes it more like 12". FOOT BAR: The AP is only one height which is about 12". You have to loosen two knobs to remove it. The Casa is adjustable, but the highest setting is only about 11". It easily fold out of the way. Feels much sturdier. ROPES: The Casa ropes are heavier. The pulleys are nicer. The length adjustment mechanism is much easier to use and allow finer adjustment. I was never impressed with the rope on the AP. SPRINGS: It seems all higher end reformers have springs, not bungee cords like the AP. The springs seem to provide more uniform tension throughout the range. I will say the the AP cord are easier to change on the fly. The hooks on the Casa aren't as easy. I can do the cords behind my back. Casa might be better to go with ball ends rather that hooks. The bar where the springs attach is adjustable for people of different heights, the carriage stop adjusts too, but it just sits in a hole. Seems it should be held in more securely. I'll keep and eye on it until I get confident that is will stay put. The AP is not adjustable. TRIM: The beach wood trim is nice on the Casa. The AP comes with plastic, but I replace mine with oak recently. ACCESSORIES: The Case comes with a very high quality box. The AP come with rebounder style jump board. I've had the AP box in the past. It isn't such great quality. You can get a jump board for the Casa for extra $. I don't really care to use a jump board. I don't think Joseph Pilates would know what it is. RISERS: The Casa risers are solid metal and very sturdy, but not adjustable. The AP risers are tubular, sturdy enough and adjustable. I've never felt the need to adjust them, except to compensate for the shortness of the carriage. ASSEMBLY: There is hardly any assembly to the AP. You just unfold it and attach the peripherals. Of course you can fold it back up for vertical storage. The Case comes on a palate, and weighs 230 pounds with packaging. Be prepared. I decided to remove the carriage and foot bar, so my wife and I could carry it down the basement stairs. We are both 71 and did fine, but it was extra steps in assembly. Attaching the legs was a bit tricky as the holes didn't line up as well as I would like, still they worked. Takes about 2 hours total. If you use the provide hex keys plan on taking another hour. It is hard to find hex drivers for a drill/driver, but I found the T-25 and T-30 star bits worked perfectly and really speed up the process. The AP assembly is largely tool-less. The Casa require tools, but they are provided and it is not at all challenging. CONCLUSION: If you just want basic functionality, a mass-market machine like the AP is pretty good, I've use them for 20 years off and on with little to complain about. If you appreciate fine equipment, don't want a joint in your rail, and the aesthetics of the Pilates experience are important to you, I think it is well worth it to spring for the higher end machine. I'm happy that I did. I do Pilates almost daily and feel it is worth it to have a machine that actually give me a bit of a thrill.

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    Pilates from Home

    Posted by Pamela Morgan on Nov 10th 2020

    I really like my new Casa Pilates Reformer.. Set-up took a little longer then I thought and 2 screws on the legs didn't line up as well as they should but I got it work. It's been close to a year since I've been on a reformer, so it good to be doing it from the comfort of my home, and on my time schedule.

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    first casa reformer of the world ;)

    Posted by Benoit on Sep 8th 2020

    Great product ! Great service ! The Casa Reformer is a nice alternative to the fit reformer. The assembly is very simple and the product of very good quality. Its use will be a great pleasure! He is waiting for you ;) thanks to Steven for his professionalism