Wood line reformer

Beauty, Function and Tradition

We believe in the transformational power of Pilates and its ability to positively impact your life. Your journey awaits.

Casa Reformer

The Pilates Experience At Home

Develop core strength, flexibility, balance, and stamina in the comfort of your own home.

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Spine Corrector


Rotating handles allow for proper alignment of the arm, elbow and wrist. This piece features a smooth, sleek surface, with a stackable space-saving design.

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Artistry reformer

Presenting the artistry® collection

Made of solid oak and meticulously handcrafted with precision.

peak pilates education

Peak Pilates® Education

We deliver the best Pilates instructor education program in the world. Our philosophy focuses on holistic development and conditioning of the body, mind, and spirit through movement.


Why Peak Pilates?

Beauty, Function and Tradition

Our family of equipment—from classic, handcrafted woods to innovative metal designs, is constructed with beauty, function and tradition in mind. We use only the finest materials, including traditional wood, sustainable bamboo and modern metals, to honor Joseph Pilates’ original designs and deliberately include only those components that we believe will preserve the integrity of authentic Pilates exercises. Our equipment delivers unparalleled product performance, versatility and safety, and a superior Pilates experience.

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World-Class Education

We have created the very best Pilates instructor education system in the world. We are unique in that we teach the fundamentals of Classical Pilates and emphasize an integrated and systematic approach for a balanced workout and unparalleled results. Instructors truly learn how to teach and balance flow with precision, not just what to teach. Our programs provide a formula to teach Pilates that is integrated, fresh in its simplicity, structured enough for the new teacher, yet rich enough for the more experienced teacher.

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Integrated Approach

The timeless designs and movement principles created by Joseph Pilates are reflected in each piece of our equipment and education programming. The marriage of our elegant equipment and unparalleled instructor education programming brings the beauty and benefits of Pilates to the world.

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The Peak
Pilates ®Story

We bring the benfits of Pilates to the world

Nearly 25 years ago, Peak Pilates® was born in the majestic mountains surrounding Boulder, Colorado. The company was created out of dual inspirations: the pristine beauty of the mountains, and the timeless designs of movement principles created by Joseph Pilates. Today, we bring those influences together, offering the world's most elegant Pilates equipment and unparalleled instructor education.

As Pilates instructors ourselves, we know first hand that the quality, character and motility of the equipment ultimately shapes the Pilates experience for both instructor and student. Using only the finest materials, including traditional wood, sustainable bamboo and modern metals, we honor Joseph Pilates' original designs - deliberately including only those components that we believe will preserve and bolster the integrity of authentic Pilates exercises.