Level I Bridge Course

The Peak Pilates® Bridge Program

Fast Track to Peak Pilates® Comprehensive Certification

The Peak Pilates® Bridge Program is a special Peak Pilates® certification pathway. It allows instructors who are certified through other nationally recognized Pilates organizations to enroll in an online course that leads to the Peak Pilates® Comprehensive Certification. The program begins with the Level I Bridge course, which accelerates standard Level I coursework, putting you on the fast track to successfully grow your instructor career! After achieving Level I certification, students may continue learning in Levels II and III by enrolling in live training courses.


Required Prerequisites

The Level I Bridge course was created to streamline the certification process for experienced Pilates instructors who meet a set of prerequisites that showcase their existing knowledge and experience.

To qualify for the Level I Bridge course you must have a nationally-recognized Pilates certification and at least 100 hours of Pilates teaching experience. You will need to submit proof of your certification, as well as the following instructor training hours:

  • Level I Reformer (16 hours)
  • Level I Mat (16 hours)
  • Level I Tower (8 hours)
  • Level I Chair or Barrel (8 hours)

Course Details

The Peak Pilates® Classical Level I Bridge is an in-depth course that builds upon an instructor’s existing knowledge and teaching experience. The course is entirely on-demand, to be completed on your own schedule, from the convenience of your home or studio. The curriculum combines reading material, videos, practice assignments and learning activities. Digital course materials include a study guide, exercise video library, workout videos, audio lessons, and slide presentations. Once you complete the online course, we will work with you to schedule an in-person or virtual practical assessment.

Upon successful completion of the course and the practical assessment, you will be awarded a Peak Pilates® Level I Comprehensive Instructor Certification. You can expect the entire course to take 40-100 hours, depending upon your familiarity with the classical work. You will need access to studio equipment including a Reformer, Tower, Cadillac or Wall Unit, High/Low Chair, Semi Barrel, Spine Corrector, and Power Circle. You can also arrange to receive private-session mentoring by a Master Instructor for an additional fee.

Course Objectives

  • Develop a structured approach that will allow you to give the right cue at the right time using a proven session format, exercise orders, and layering cues in a meaningful way.
  • Explore all Peak Pilates® Level I exercises for Mat, Reformer, Tower, Ladder Barrel, Small Barrel, High Low Chair, Low Chair, and Endings.
  • Expand your vocabulary for alignment and movement with Peak Pilates® unique Shapes in Space, Key Concepts and Critical Connections vocabulary.
  • Review anatomy as it relates in a practical way to the powerhouse and posture.



Get Started with These Simple Steps

  1. Apply: Fill out this online application where you will describe your experience and upload proof of training and certification.
  2. Pay Application Fee: After submitting your application, you’ll be redirected to pay a nominal application fee. (This fee is non-refundable.)
  3. Enroll in Course: We will review your application and notify you of the results. If you meet the prerequisites, we will send you a link to enroll in the Level I Bridge course ($1,295).

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