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About Peak Pilates®

Nearly 25 years ago, Peak Pilates® was born in the majestic mountains surrounding Boulder, Colorado. The company was created out of dual inspirations: the pristine beauty of the mountains, and the timeless designs of Joseph Pilates. Today, we bring those influences together, offering the world's most elegant Pilates equipment and unparalleled instructor education.

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Our team
Our Team

Our goal is to maintain the highest standards for Pilates education in the industry. Our team of the most dedicated and effective Pilates instructors share a passion for helping new teachers discover the beauty and benefits of Pilates. With them, we are proud to help grow the Pilates community even more.

PES event session
PES event session

Advance your knowledge and career by attending professional Pilates conferences and events. Keep current with all things Pilates, network with like-minded industry professionals, and expand your skill set to take your career to the next level. You can find us at PES, IHRSA, FIBO, PMA and others.

Instructor testimonial

Peak Pilates® has guided us in achieving our personal and professional goals, which has resulted in an amazing Pilates program. I chose Peak Pilates®, and it has been a rewarding journey for all; instructors and clients alike!

Wendy Crilly

Lifetime Health And Fitness

Casper, Wyoming