Master Instructor Team

Master Instructor Team

The Peak Pilates® Master Instructor Team

We are passionate about Pilates and firmly believe in its transformational power and ability to positively impact the lives of every practitioner. At Peak Pilates®, our fundamental goal is to bring this classical practice to everyone in a manner that is both accessible and inspiring. Our team of over 100 Master Instructors (MIs) represent 21 countries and provide knowledge, inspiration and leadership to Certified Instructors around the world.

Education Developers

Meet The Educational Development Team

The heart of our educational program belongs to our trio of educational developers — Colleen Glenn-Wilson, Clare Dunphy and Zoey Trap — who together bring over 70 years of combined experience in the Pilates and fitness industries. They worked collaboratively to design a Pilates program that was the gold standard and shared a vision to create a classical Pilates instructor certification that took the guess work out teaching. Passionate about health, movement, and Pilates, these women steered Pilates toward a bright new future. Today, Zoey still guides Peak Pilates® as the Senior Program Director and Master Instructor Team Leader.

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become a master instructor

Become A Master Instructor

Peak Pilates® selects high-caliber instructors to represent our program. We recruit dedicated individuals with a passion for training new teachers and provide them with unparalleled support. Becoming a Peak Pilates® Master Instructor requires time, commitment and dedication. Candidates travel, study, prepare, and practice to meet the pathway requirements and ensure the standard of excellence we strive for at Peak Pilates®.

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eligibility requirements

Eligibility Requirements

Our MIs are the pride of our program and each offers his or her unique skill set that brings Peak Pilates® to life. Here is what we ask you have if you are interested in joining the team:

  • Advanced Mat Certification or Pilates Comprehensive (Peak Pilates® preferred).
  • If you are not certified by Peak Pilates®, you are required to successfully
    complete the Peak Pilates® Mat or Comprehensive Online Bridge program.
  • 2 years teaching experience
  • A deep understanding of and experience with the classical Pilates method
  • Dynamic presentation skills
  • Excellent communication, organization and administrative skills
  • A positive attitude and open mind
  • The will and desire to represent Peak Pilates® by upholding extraordinary education standards

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