Artistry™ TWS with Vegan Straps

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Artistry™ TWS with Vegan Straps

The Artistry™ frame elevates the original reformer/half Cadillac combination Total Workout System (TWS) that everyone knows and loves. Engineered for maximum versatility and value with its updated frame and components, it offers more options with less square footage. It transitions effortlessly into multiple exercise modes with our exclusive quick-conversion, ultra-glide hinged carriage, and comes equipped with vegan friendly synthetic straps.

Now available in beechwood! While aesthetically consistent with oak, beechwood offers increased longevity, less waste during production and helps decrease environmental impact.

Solid wood frame construction available in oak or beechwood..

Note: Peak Pilates® does not accept returns for large equipment. 

SKU: 4912-1003
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